Andrew Morrow is a contemporary Canadian painter whose work is characterized by a restless desire to both inhabit and extend historical, narrative, painting. Morrow’s work fluctuates between narrative and self-reference, lucidity and indeterminacy, ambition, and constraint. Extending from personal, actual, and invented histories, Morrow’s paintings engage broad, historical themes such as war, eroticism, beauty, the apocalypse, and death, complicating these through a resistance to narrative closure and spatial coherence. In his work fragmented and archetypal figures populate shifting, uncertain landscapes, approaching, but never quite attaining the sublime.

As a means of expanding object-based painting (paint on canvas), Morrow introduced digital technology into his practice early in 2010, combing physical painting, digital animation, and interactive technology, to create environmentally aware art, grounded in traditional painting yet committed to innovation.

Upcoming exhibitions and projects:

Le pARTy Art Auction, Ottawa Art Gallery, November 8, 2018
OLRT Public Art Design Team, Fall 2013 - Fall 2018|Instagram|